The Finest Jewelry Brands to Shop Online

From legendary must-haves like Verdura and Dior to contemporary stars like Ana Khouri and Nikos Koulis.

By Dania Lucero Ortiz and Leena Kim

MAY 21, 2021

There was once a time when it was considered unfathomable to buy fine jewelry (let alone high fashion) online, spending four figures, and beyond, on something that could only be vetted through a computer screen. The landscape has vastly changed: Now, not only are there countless direct-to-consumer, millennial-marketed, Instagram-famous jewelry brands, but the tried and true heritage houses have also gotten on board with the digital revolution. During the Covid-19 era especially, a well-heeled subset of women, homebound and desperate for some joy, took to turning online jewelry auctions at Christie's and Sotheby's into the new high society bloodsport.

While fine jewelry is more accessible than ever from the comfort of the couch, the endless array of options can certainly be overwhelming. Enter T&C—we've scoured the farthest depths of the internet so you don't have to. Below, 27 of the best, splurge-worthy fine jewelry brands to shop online.

Oui Bracelet in Yellow Gold, Diamond, and Red Cord


For more than twenty years, Victoire de Castellane has been creating fantastical, candy-colored jewels for Dior. The whimsical "oui" collection is an apt introduction to the legendary designer—once you're converted, though, it will be hard to say non to the rest of her oeuvre.

Emerald Tropaion with SouthSea Pearl Earrings 22K Gold


The four-year-old Greek brand has mastered its own unique form of gold—an ultra-pure mix of 22k gold, copper, and silver—that gives its hand-wrought jewelry a distinctive signature. Add in emeralds and pearls and it's a winning combination.

Rainbow Alphabet D 18 kt Yellow Gold Charm

Dolce &


Upgrade your initial pendant for summer with this multicolored Dolce & Gabbana charm, which is studded with amethyst, garnet, peridot, tourmalines, and topaz.

Candy Pave Ring



All of Alice Cicolini's jewels are handmade in India by Jaipuri meenakari trained in the centuries-old enamel traditions of Persia. Fun, playful designs are her signature (see: this ring). Just be warned—her pieces, like candy, are also irresistibly collectible.

Carved Adventurine and Cabochon Amethyst Shell Ear Clips


No serious jewelry collection can be complete without something Verdura. Fulco di Verdura famously took the unwanted gems that Coco Chanel received from ex-lovers (like the Duke of Westminster) and created the iconic Maltese Cross Cuffs—Chanel never took them off. He was also known for incorporating natural objects, like seashells, into his designs.

Amulet Ring: Heket



Loren Nicole Teetelli might have the most unconventional background of all the designers on this list: she used to be archaeologist. Since transitioning to the world of jewelry in 2016, she has channeled her passion for ancient techniques and civilizations into crafting unique talismans. Take this 22k gold ring, for example, which is crowned with a yellow Beryl that has been hand-carved by a master lapidary into the shape of Heket, the Egyptian goddess of fertility.

Lily II Small Opal Earrings



Maja DuBrul taps into her art history background to create miniature wearable works of sculpture. Here, the lily of the valley motif is rendered in white opal, which is hand-carved in Germany, and mounted on a solid hammered gold stem. And while the beloved flowers are as famous for their beauty and scent as they are for their ephemerality, these earrings will last forever.

"Adventure" Compass Locket

Monica Rich


Thank Monica Rich Kosann for elevating sentimental jewelry (ie, lockets) and making it "fashion." Consider the compass symbol on this necklace as a sign pointing you to that long-awaited European vacation.

The Bon Bon Block



London-based Nadine Ghosn puts a whimsical, gemstone-flecked spin on mundane things. Think: a "5 Carrot" ring made up of tsavorite-, orange sapphire-, and diamond-studded carrots; binder clip earrings covered in rubies; and this high jewelry play on Legos.

18K Yellow Gold Menottes Chain Bracelet



Since 1965 the Parisian jeweler has been crafting elegant, minimalist everyday staples that epitomize understated French cool. The Menottes collection, introduced in 1976, was a game-changer—whereas most jewelers try to hide the clasp, Dinh Van instead turned it into the centerpiece.

14K YG Sapphire Gypsy Ring



The California-based designer Sig Ward often turns to her environs—namely, the Pacific Ocean—for inspiration in her designs. Her Gypsy Dome rings, in particular, are instant heirlooms.

Will Cotton Charm Holder Necklace in 18K Gold


As part of Italian brand Ippolita's third collaboration with the BrooklynMuseum, the painter Will Cotton, who is famous for his works depicting confectionery-laden landscapes, designed this charm necklace featuring glass and ceramic bonbons.

Multi-Colored Sugar Cubes Bracelet

Marie-Hélène de


To peruse the wares of Marie-Hélène de Taillac is to be saturated with an exuberant panoply of rainbow-hued stones (just take a look at her delectable Instagram). There is arguably no one who seems to have such fun with tourmalines, sapphires, amethysts, quartz, peridots, emeralds, morganites... the list goes on.

Hare and Trap Ring



London-based Castro Smith's printmaking background shines through in his signature engraved rings (he also studied with renowned engraving firm RH Wilkins). While traditional hand engraving is two-dimensional, Smith takes it up a notch by using an ancient technique called seal engraving, which allows for a deeper imprint.

Turquoise Paste Flower Charm with Amethyst, Malachite & Red Coral

Grazia & Marica


There are certain obligatory stops one must make while on holiday in Capri. Lunch? La Fontelina. Sandals? Canfora. Jewelry? Grazia & Marica Vozza, an island mainstay, and jetsetter's must-have souvenir, since the late '90s.

Styled Necklace - 135