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Unidever Jewelry Specifications



Unidever Jewelry:

  • Precious and semi-precious stones pieces.

  • Free shipping.

  • Rest assured; we believe in Customer Satisfaction.

  • What-you-see is what-you-get.  We do not practice any switching tricks.

  • We believe in Ethics and Fair Business Practices, including using gemstones mined using ethical practices.

  • Unidever Jewelry is found in all countries of the world.  We spend time, cost, and energy finding beautiful pieces  and we pass the cost savings onto you.

  • We believe in Ethics and Fair Business Practices, including using gemstones mined using ethical practices.

  • Wherever possible, we prefer jewelry pieces that are built by USA craftsmen.

  • We strive to present modern preferences, accenting current looks for social affairs, business dressing, and casual fashions.

  • Individual jewelry pieces, such as sizes, weights, and specifications (like carats) can be seen by clicking the pictures of jewelry in the Home page or in the Unidever Jewelry page.

  • Unidever, LLC is a proud member of the International Gem Society.

  • Unidever, LLC has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating of A+.

Stone Enhancement and Codes:

  • N (Not Enhanced).  Those natural stones which are not currently known to be enhanced by any methods, such as Spinel, and therefore can safely be presumed to be untreated have the code N (Not Enhanced).   The code may also be used for stones that are sometimes or often treated but in this particular case are unenhanced.  To use this symbol on Sapphire, for example, which is generally heated, means that the seller certifies that the particular stone was not heated and can supply a document such as an invoice or lab report so stating.

  • E (Enhancement).  Those natural stones which are routinely enhanced by traditional methods have the code E (Enhancement).  The particular stone given this designation may or may not be enhanced.  For example, since most Emeralds are oiled, an E would indicate such treatment but would not cover non-traditional methods, such as hardened plastic resins (like Opticon), which would require specific enhancement codes.  Another example would be the use of E for Aquamarine, which in most cases is heated prior to the sale of the rough to remove greenish tints.  If the seller knows what specific treatment Ha been used, then a more specific code should be used.

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