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Jewelry Related Questions

Q: Do you sell fake or dyed stones?

A: We take pride in selling pieces that are real, natural, and not chemically adjusted, like dyed.  Some naturals stones are heated to affect the colors.  We avoid them, but if necessary, we clearly state when stones are treated, such as heated. 

Q: Are the pictures on the web-site pictures of the actual pieces I am buying?

A: The pictures on the web-site are samples of actual pieces we have.  If the pieces are different from the sample pictures, we put up new pictures to reflect the pieces we are selling.  If there are different color / hues of a particular piece for sale, which is very rare, we will send you pictures of the different pieces so you can pick the the pieces you will prefer.

Q: Do your pendants come with a chain?

A: Yes, our pendants come with a simple 18" Cable Chain Type and a Spring Ring Clasp.

Q: Where do you get the Jewelry?

A:  We travel the world, looking for beautiful pieces.  Naturally, under Covid-19, that activity has been curtailed.  We usually get jewelry from Italy, India, Brazil, France, Thailand, and the USA.

Q: Do you support Ethical Jewelry?

A: Yes, we believe in dealing with jewelry that has no negative impact on the people who make it, or the environment they're produced in.  Using materials you can trace back to the source, to ensure they've been produced in an ethical way is a requirement of ours (e.g., fair trade materials and conflict-free diamonds).

Warranty / Refunds Questions

Q: How do I get a refund or warranty work done?

A: Contact us ( regarding the issue.  When we agree on the fix or refund, we will give you a Refund Number.  Send in the piece(s) with the Refund Number, and we will take it from there.

Q: What is covered under the Warranty?

A: This product is warranted against defective materials or workmanship. This warranty ceases if the product has been damaged, unreasonable use, misuse neglect, improper service, commercial use and physically changed. The warranty doesn’t cover normal wear & tear or accessories.


Q: Where do I send the unit for Warranty work or a Return?

A: Unidever - Warranty

     31 Primrose Ct

     Toms River, NJ 08755



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